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What We Do

Decorative Imaging provides innovative products and custom design services that transform interior surfaces including walls, floors, doors and ceilings through a creative blend of digital technology and the art of decorative painting.

We deliver affordable luxury.

Compelling Opportunity

Decorative Imaging was born of a desire to expand the capabilities and craftsmanship of the traditional decorative painting studio by incorporating the vast new possibilities provided by digital image making. The result has proven immensely compelling; allowing us to be far more ambitious in scope and scale than was conceivable using traditional methods alone.


We create and apply ornamental designs to interior surfaces using a proprietary process we've developed called DecoImage™, which combines the traditional handcrafted methods of decorative artisans with the digital technology of the 21st Century.

We have asembled a highly collaborative team of talented artists and designers who utilize all the traditional skills plus powerful workstation tools including our proprietary digital library of high-resolution wood, stone and inlay material textures, an extensive multi-cultural pattern archive of design documents dating back as far as the 15th Century and an innovative way to apply all of these to a variety of surfaces using the latest digital imaging technology.

Creative Design Studio

We specialize in creating custom decorative surfaces & surface materials for architects, decorators, interior designers and discriminating individuals. We design & produce treatments for walls, floors, doors, ceilings, windows, furniture and more… including the full range of traditional faux finishes as well as hand painted murals and fine art commissions, all to your specifications. Our clients provide us with concepts, sketches, dimensions, stylistic cues, color palettes and familiarize us with any scheduling limitations or budget constraints. We interpret those requirements and respond by providing creative solutions to the design brief. A close collaboration with our clients ensures a successful outcome that is completely unique for each project. Depending upon the request, this might mean anything from a flawless decorative plaster finish that is hand-applied to the walls of our clients’ homes to designing a set of custom digital, Louis XlV style marquetry veneers for the antique furniture reproduction trade.

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Digital Parquet Flooring


Decorative Imaging maintains a research & development facility for incubating digitally rendered surface products. Working with the latest imaging technologies and combining them in new ways, we have come up with, among other things, a customizable, digitally imaged modular flooring system not seen before in the market.

Based upon industry trends garnered from around the globe, and responding to the desire for novel looks and textures, Decorative Imaging has formulated a new division: IMAGO FLOORS, INC. which manufactures eco-friendly, pre-finished, direct-digitally imaged, ornamental wood floor tiles, borders and medallions. These products are now available for direct purchase from IMAGO FLOORS as well as through our distributors.

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Eco-Friendly Green Design

We are very proud of the positive environmental aspect of our ‘digital marquetry’. Unlike traditional inlay, no endangered hardwood is used whatsoever. We apply only digital images that provide the convincing appearance of rare and exotic woods, including protected and endangered species, without any negative impact on the remaining forests or on the planet. The substrates we image our designs onto utilize only plantation grown, sustainable woods. Through our 'Green Stewardship Initiative' we donate a percentage of our profits to help reforestation efforts.

Innovation in the Decorative Arts

Our team has a history of innovating new products and services through the application of digital technologies to the creative arts. We intend to transform the interior and surface design industries to enhance the presence of the Beautiful and increase the quality of everyday visual experience.